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ContractorNB goal was to create a website that would make finding contractors easy.  ContractorNB.com website was to eliminate the hours spent searching for information on contractors. 

We can see within a few years most contractors will have a website to provide information to clients and potential clients 24/7.  This will allow the contractor to be more efficient in dealing with potential clients. 

We wanted to create a website that would make locating contractors as easy as typing Contractor NB.  Wether one is looking for an excavator or an electrician or a renovator we wanted the website to be very easy to be found and easy to navigate. 

We branded the name Contractor NB to make it easy for anyone to remember.  We worked hard to be listed on the first page of search engine such as Google and Yahoo.  We worked hard to make our design pleasant to the eye and appealing.  We wanted to make it as the SPA of website so that women who search will mark the site and return whenever they need to locate a Contractor.

Our goal was to be the best website in Canada and simple and easy to navigate.  USER Friendly website. 

ContractorNB.com website can provide the link to contractors website.  Trying to remember some contractors website will no longer be a chore.  Remember to search 2 words Contractor NB.  ContractorNB.com will appear multiple times on first page. 

Contractors listed on Contractor NB website will be allowed to carry the word Search - Contractor NB - on their Trucks and Trailers.  This will allow contractors to promote themselves under one umbrella. 

June 1, 2011 we will begin implementing our new format.  The look will be the same but we will concentrate on listing a few contractors from each category instead of listing every contractor.  The smaller listing will be more efficient for everyone and eliminate calling someone who may have moved, retired or no longer in business. 

ContractorNB uses the same method in designing a website as when they design specific software.  The design and functionality is to be  User Friendly, Simple but Powerful.  For our web design we want the website to be pleasing and have a professional business look. 

Employment and Business Opportunity:

Do you enjoy meeting new people and have an entrepreneur spirit.  ContractorNB may be a good fit for you?

ContractorNB is in need of  someone to contact contractors and assist us in the growing demand for our services.

ContractorNB is a NB company that operates  in Fredericton, Moncton and Saint John. 

ContractorNB is looking for individuals who may want a full or part time work and be their own boss.  Set your own hours but for the individual who performs well  sales manager position will be available. For the right person potential partnership will be available.    

This is ideal for someone who may be semi retired or retired and is looking for a new challenge. Yearly residual sales will provide additional revenue thus adding to your pension.

It is also ideal for a young person who can invest time now with a good repeated revenue base making it a good return for time spent.  Could be handled part time for someone who is well organized. 

Be part of  the growing trend in the IT web industry. 

Visit by searching the key words  ContractorNB one word or  Contractor NB as  two words  using Google or Yahoo.   Contractor NB will appear several times on the first page.

ContractorNB has the following goal.

1 - Solve the frustration of searching for contractors. 
Having a website like ContractorNB that list contractors in one location with links to the contractors website makes it quick, easy and simple. 

2 - Be the best website in Canada for looking for a contractor.
We wanted ContractorNB to be the website that everyone loves to go too because it's USER Friendly.  A website that is nice and simple is always appreciated.

3 - Be found on the first page with Google and Yahoo.
We are found by searching Contractor NB but we are also found by hundreds of combined key words and hundreds of other key words usually list ContractorNB.com on the first page of Google and Yahoo most of the time.

From the comment we have received on our e-mail we seem to have accomplished our goals.  See if you agree with goals and e-mail sent to us.

If you can see the potential and can help us in continuing our growth then please send in your resume in a PDF, HTML or Web file. 

PS:  June 1 , 2011 we will begin our new format in listing contractors. 

We have had too much demand for our free listing.  This has delayed our phase III and IV. 

We want to concentrate and work with contractors who see the advantage of branding ContractorNB  and being listed on ContractorNB website.  . 

Look forward to hearing from some great people.

Marketing Team NB

Contact our Marketing Department at  MarketingTeamNB@yahoo.ca 

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This position can lead to long term benefits and being your own boss and partner..   
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