Service of ContractorNB
Services ContractorNB offers:

  • Linking Contractor's Website

  • Listing Contractors in NB by City and Type

  • Sponsorship displayed on top of each type of CONTRACTOR and besides the listing.

  • Posters Placement at key Locations - Looking for Poster Sponsors

  • Radio broadcast informing the public about the unique website.

  • Contact us for more information

  • NB participation will make this website the best in Canada

Linking Website:
We link website from ContractorNB website,  making it very simple and accurate to visit the right website. 

Listing Contractors in NB:
We list contractors on a unique Website called and to make finding a contractor or contractors very simple. Other option like having your picture next to your listing is also available. 

Poster Placement at key Locations:
ContractorNB is involved in getting posters placed at key location in Fredericton and Moncton NB informing the public to Google the word ContractorNB - the friendliest website in locating contractors in NB.

Decals with word  ContractorNB to be placed on contractor's trucks and trailers.

Radio broadcast 96.5 Joy FM.
To inform the public about a unique website that helps individuals find a contractor easily. 

Those helping in informing the public find contractors in NB are being listed called Poster Location. 

Click here to see the List of Poster Locations in Fredericton

ContractorNB is excited in creating a website dedicated for Contractors and searchers.  We will strive to be the best in Canada. 

We are one of the few IT consulting company that has been around for over 25 years.  We have enjoyed a lot of positive changes during that time and we are excited about promoting contractors in NB and getting your company name on ContractorNB. makes it easy to locate a contractor.   

Note if you Google ContractorNB as one word or Contractor NB as two words is listed on the first page line 1. If you Bing (another search engine like Google) Contractor NB as two words is listed on the first page.

This is your website, support it if you believe in what we are trying to accomplish for you as a contractor and for visitors. 

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