New Format:

We will be gradually implementing a new layout for each category.

For each category we want to list six (6) contractors per category on average.  Fewer for some category and more for some category such as Renovation.

Once our quota has been achieved the category will be closed and no other contractor will be added unless a request from the group has approved and want the new list. 

Our new goal is quality of contractors listed on our site not a list of every contractor.      

Our first goal was to have every contractors listed by categories.  Imagine the work it has created with all the free listing.  Our list was growing to fast to properly handle it via human website. Our website is human power not automated like many.  We still provide human contact.  

Our list of contractors became to much to verify if contractors were still in business, retired or simply moved on.  By removing most of the contractors and having only a few per category it will make our list more efficient and easier for searchers. 

We have decided to go with only a few contractors for each category.  We would like as the minimum two or three with the average being six and perhaps renovation have twelve.

If you like what we have achieved on Contractor NB website for contractors and believe in what we are trying to accomplish,  then please let us know of your interest and let's sign you up before we delete you from our list!    

The first year we plan but a few contractors per category and close the category for the year. 

The name Contractor NB has been branded for all contractors.  We want contractors listed on our website to carry the word Google - Contractor NB - on their trucks and trailers.  This way it will make it easy for anyone in NB to remember and search two words - Contractor & NB.  This makes it easy to remember and locate contractors within NB in minutes.

We want good contractors on our list.  We want them to promote each other by carrying the brand name Contractor NB on their Trucks & Trailers.

Our goal is that most contractors on our list feel comfortable with each other and that most could easily recommend each other. 

Our plans is to have each category govern each other.  If one of the contractor from a category brings a bad reputation to the rest then the offender must rectify the problem or he/she will not be renewed the next year on Contractor NB website.  This will be up to the group and must have at least three to make the request of removal and after discussion with the offender. . 

Please note we all know that in business we cannot please 100% of the people 100% of the time even when giving it 110% to satisfy clients. 

Contractor NB website is the place to be as a contractor for various reasons.

We have worked hard to have Contractor NB website appear from various name search on both Google and Yahoo.  The additional exposure of having Contractor NB on your trucks and trailers will have a definitive impact. 

We have placed posters in key locations in both Fredericton and Moncton.  Contractor NB has been mentioned on radio in Fredericton. 

Our main aim now is to concentrate on a few good contractors with appreciation of Contractor NB website and what it means to the contractors. 

Contractor NB has been branded for contractors of all category. 

Once our quota has been achieved for the category any new contractor(s) wanting to be listed will be by invitation only.  Any new list will require approval from at least two  from the group.     

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